What Are Some Of The Biological Effects Of Climate Change?

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When talking about climate change, most of us imagine a smattering of statistics flowing across charts and figures showing rising temperatures, the thawing of ice on mountain caps and polar regions, the increasing levels of drought across the world and the decrease in general rainfall levels. However, the discussion needs to be a lot more broader to encompass the impact of these blocks of stats on the flora and fauna of the earth.

Here is a look at 5 major biological effects of climate change:

1. An increasing threat to food security

what can we do about climate changeWith the means by which we look for and find our food under constant threat, we are looking at a sustained period of drought as food sources around us dry up. This phenomenon will affect big swathes of areas across the world. The situation is so serious that by the end of the 21st century, it is projected that crop productivity in areas such as Central Asia will decrease by 30%.

2. A tilt in the surge of air pollution

Air pollution is the main cause of climate change, and the worsening state of affairs around our ecosystems only makes it worse. The worst effects of the two include a reduction in the lifespan of citizenry by around 9 months as well as an extension in the pollen season for plants.

3. Extremities in weather events

what is the difference between climate change and global warming

Between 2000 and 2011,floods contributed to the displacement of 3.4 million people in Europe alone. In that one decade, more than 1000 people died from flood and related causes. The projection is that by 2085,tens of millions of people around the world will fall victim to extremities such as floods, increasing heat levels and landslides.

4. A surge in the instances of diseases

At the moment, water, vector and food borne diseases are on the rise around the world. This is because radical shifts in our seasons make the environment more harmful for us as disease-causing pathogens thrive all around. This event is slowly lowering the value of human life, making us less safer and more vulnerable that we have ever been in history.

5. The possibility of a positive turn

According to scientists, it is possible that after the initial challenges of coping with climate change, most flora and fauna will adapt themselves to the changing extremities and become even better at eking out a living from an increasingly adverse and unpredictable environment. This, coupled with the technology to cope, could in actual sense save the human race.

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