Christian Leaders

christian leaders

If you’re the pastor of an evangelical church or a senior leader of a evangelical ministry or institution (for example, a non-profit, college, relief organization), we invite you to join us as a signatory to the Evangelical Climate Initiative’s landmark statement Climate Change: An Evangelical Call to Action. Signatories pledge to act on the basis of claims in the document. You can view a list of the current signatories.

To be considered as a signatory, please email, indicating that you’ve read and agree with the Statement. Please give the following information in the email:

    1. Full name with Title (Rev., Dr., etc.)
    2. Present and past institutional affiliation (indicating Ret. if retired). [These are used for identification purposes only. Signatories sign in their own name and not as representatives of organizations. You may list more than one position if appropriate.]
    3. City, State, Zip+4
    4. Telephone number
    5. Email
    6. Address

Staff member to direct inquiries to

Only items 1, 2, and 3 will be listed on the statement. The rest of the information is for internal ECI communications only, and will be considered private.